Custom Cycling Kit for Teams and Clubs
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Welcome to the Shutt Design Studio: your chance to have a go at designing your own custom kit. We have a variety of templates for you to work from, covering short and long-sleeve jerseys, gilets, bib shorts and even t-shirts!




Pick a garment and a blank template - and just start adding colour! You can also add your own logos, text, patterns and more.


This is just a starting point - a way to see some of the possibilities for how your custom kit could look. But it's not the final product. Our team of designers will take your design concepts and fine tune them to perfection. 


When you're done - add your designs to your 'cart' and send them over to us to get a quote. The designs are also stored so you can come back and edit them again later if you want to.

We'll be happy to discuss in greater detail all the costs and timing involved in bringing your vision to life. No obligation! **There is a 5-item minimum quantity on ALL custom items.