Custom Cycling Kit for Teams and Clubs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start the process?

A: Please get in touch with as much detail about your requirement as you can. You will very quickly receive a tailored and personal response containing all the detailed information you need to get started. We will also call to discuss and fully understand your requirement.

Q: What are your minimum order quantities?

A: For most items, the minimum order is 5. However, if under 10 of any item, there may be a small surcharge of £50 (or we'll add a small amount to each item). It's always best to discuss your requirements with us so we can advise accordingly. The minimum order amount applies to EACH item you are ordering (so 5 jerseys, 5 bib shorts, etc). In most cases, you CAN mix and match men's and women's options to make up the 5 items (3 men's jerseys and 2 women's jerseys would be fine).

Q: Can I see samples?

A: Yes. We have a range of samples to provide. We will ask for £75 refundable deposit via PayPal.

Q: Is there a minimum order value?

A: No

Q: What do I need to start the design stage?

A: We can develop an existing design or start from scratch. Our professional design team will respond within 48 hours with at least 3 draft designs for discussion and fine tuning. You will be involved in all stages of design and will be asked to approve final design including the production artwork. We require a refundable £75 deposit for design. This is returned once your order is in production. (The same deposit can be used for both samples and design.)

Q: What format do I need to submit my artwork?

A: Vector graphics in .EPS or .AI format are preferred. If you're using an image such as a PNG or TIFF it should be high resolution (300+ dpi). JPEG graphics lose quality and often print poorly so are not recommended.

Q: Do I have to have the Shutt logo on my jersey?

A: Yes, we're proud of our company and the quality of our product. The Shutt Velo Rapide logo is required on all garments. 

Q: Can I open my club portal while the design is being completed?

A: No. The design process needs to be completed before the opening of a club portal.

Q: I ordered my kit through a club portal. Can I get a status update, please?

A: Your club kit manager determines how long a portal remains open. Your order goes into production once the portal closes. Some portals remain open for several weeks. It is upon closing that the order goes into production and the 4 week timeline to delivery begins.

Q: How quickly can you deliver?

A: Typically, 4-6 weeks depending on time of year. We can provide a fast-track service reducing delivery times to 2 weeks. As a rule of thumb, we always aim to get you your order within 4 weeks of the order window closing.

Q: Can you provide jerseys for large events?

A: Yes. We offer a range of Event jerseys that represent excellent value for money. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and we can provide different options and pricing.

Q: Can you provide ‘off-bike’ garments?

A: Yes. We can supply a range of customised casual wear including Hoodies, Polos and T-Shirts, hats, bags and much more.

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