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RMA CC Long Sleeve Speedsuit

RMA CC Long Sleeve Speedsuit


Shutt VR has been collaborating with NoPinz to provide our custom customers with one of the best suits on the market, the Pro-1 skinsuit. Delivery times will be confirmed once the order window is closed.  Please chose your size carefully. The suit is skintight and cut to be worn in the aero position.  If in doubt then drop a line to the team at Shutt VR. 

Female suits available so drop the team at Shutt a message for additional info. 

  • Aerodynamic speed suit designed for racing.

  • A mix of Pista, Aerostripe, and Speedscalez™ fabrics.

  • Low profile silicone gripper bands.

  • Teosport Armadillo Chamois.

  • YKK Soflex zip for comfort when standing.

  • INCLUDES the Aero RTTC  SpeedPockets™ 

  • Made in the UK

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