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Movember Short Sleeve Base layer

Movember Short Sleeve Base layer


PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE IN STOKC (not pre-order), but only in limited numbers. First come, first served!

Shutt base layers are designed to be versatile, they help stop you overheating in summer and keep you dry and warm in winter. 
The polyamide aids moisture transfer and helps to rapidly move moisture away from the skin making you feel dry and comfortable throughout your ride.

After months of testing out different combinations of polypropylene, polyamide and elastane we think we've hit upon the perfect formula for premium comfort fast wicking, mesh base layers. Designed to for a skin tight fit with light compression therefore allowing outer layers to fit smoothly and correctly with no bunching and wrinkling. 

All this in a gender neutral design, something Shutt have perfected, to make it the perfect fit for women as well as men.



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