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Welcome to Shutt Velo Rapide. As a customer of Attaque Cycling Events, we've put together this page of general information about Shutt Velo and what we can provide in terms of custom cycling clothing.


Shutt Velo Rapide is a UK-based company and has been making quality cycling garments for the past 10 years. We can design and produce just about anything you want - from cycling kit to casual wear (like T-Shirts and Hoodies). This is just a sample of what we can offer - but if you are looking for more specific information or more choices, please just get in touch. Email Colin Lynch at with any questions.


How we work:

Design: We will design your custom kit (for free). The sooner we can get started on the design stage, the better! We'll chat with you about what you're looking for, any ideas you have on how it should look - and produce some design concepts. We'll keep revising till you are happy.

Minimum quantities: we need a minimum of 5 of each item being produced (so 5 jerseys, 5 bib shorts, 5 skinsuits, etc). In the case of skinsuits, we can produce single items but the cost will be significantly higher.

Ordering: We can either take a bulk order from you - or we can build a quick online order portal where each rider can select the items they want and pay individually.

Sizing: Everything is custom-made to order so it's important you get your sizing right. We provide size guides for each garment you are ordering. In some cases, we can also provide garments to try on for size. 

Production: Usually takes around 4 weeks - so make sure you leave enough time before your event to get everything made. (We do have a fast-track service which can reduce this to as little as 2 weeks, but comes at a cost.)

Payment and delivery: If everyone orders through a portal, payment is taken at time of order. Items can either be delivered to each person individually or to one address for distribution by you. We just need to know in advance. If placing a bulk order, we invoice you and payment is required in advance of production.






Some sample items/pricing (click on each item for more information).


SPORTLINE (Mid-Range clothing. Unisex fit. Excellent value for money)

Sportline Jersey (£55 each)

Sportline Aero Jersey (£65 each)

Sportline Bib Shorts - 45mm or 70mm gripper (£65 each)


PROLINE (Premium, handmade Italian Race Clothing. Men's and Women's specific sizing)

Proline Jersey (£95 each)

Proline Bib Shorts - 70mm gripper (£95 each)

Proline Skinsuit - Long or Short Sleeve (£165 each)


We have an additional skinsuit priced at £120 each. T-shirts from £25 each, Hoodies from £40 each. More information available on request.



This is just a taster of what's available. It's best to get in touch to discuss your individual needs and we'll put together a package to suit you.


Prices above are based on order of 5-9 items (discount available for 10+ items). Prices included design, production and delivery. VAT included. We look forward to working with you to ensure your event is a success!


You can also view a selection of our retail garments get some ideas of what else we produce at





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