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Welcome to the Affinity Programme Offers page.


Below are some of the specially selected partner offers we have for you, and instructions on how to redeem them. In most cases you can simply click on the link to visit our partner site and use the provided discount code.

If you have any questions on these offers, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can be reached via email at 




Blak Nektar Coffee and Brewing Kit

Blakeys Nektar coffee is based in the south-side of Glasgow, just a stone-throw away from the city centre. They treat coffee as an experience - not a commodity. Their aim is to create truly memorable and unique coffees that can be enjoyed at home - or in a speciality coffee shop. 

Their roaster Ichel is responsible for translating the flavour profiles from the cupping table and sample roaster into a production volume and she does it with flair and consistency. We hope you enjoy our coffees just as much as we do. 

10% off: To purchase anything from their range, please visit Blak Nektar and use the code SHUTTCOFFEE at checkout to get your discount on all coffees and brewing gear.



Ridley Bikes

We are please to offer a 20% discount off RRP on all Ridley bikes and frames. Ridley Bikes are purchased directly from Shutt Velo. Various payment options are available, including BACS, Paypal, Credit card and our new 'Clearpay' option (spread the cost out over 4 payments, interest-free*).

For the full list of Ridley Bikes on offer, please click to view the price list: PRICE LIST. You will see virtually every single Ridley bike and frame option - with the RRP and our Shutt Affinity price listed. In some cases, we can provide an even larger discount - so always worth getting in touch to enquire.

If you wish to purchase a Ridley bike or frame, please email us with the details and we will arrange the purchase. Please note: it takes about a week for the bike to ship, and will arrive with you fully boxed and partially built. You'll need to  complete the build yourself (in most cases, just adding pedals, a saddle, tightening stem/handlebars, etc).





Aftershokz is the leader in bone conduction technology. Aftershokz headphones are ideal for cyclists that want to listen to music while riding, but still have complete awareness of their surroundings. Afershokz headphones don't go in your ears - but rather they sit in front of your ears - on the side of your face and transfer sound directly through the skull. You can hear music clearly and all the surrounding noise from traffic, pedestrians, etc. 

20% off: To purchase anything from their range, please visit and use the code SHUTTVELO20 at checkout to get your discount.




Limar Helmets

Limar helmets are the official helmet supplier of British Triathlon and the Astana Pro Cycling Team. They offer a wide range of helmets for all types of riding. To view the full range, please visit

20% off: To purchase anything from their range, please visit and use the code SHUTTVELO20 at checkout to get your discount.






4iiii power meters are used by some of the best cycling teams in the world. Our special offers includes a variety of double and single-sided options in both full chains and individual crank arms. They also have heart rate monitors and even a new turbo trainer. Please visit for more information.

20% off: To purchase anything from their range, please visit and use the code SHUTTVELO20 at checkout to get your discount.









Shokbox is the ultimate cycle protection system. A hard case is manufactured from a unique blend of polyethylene, it provides a high level of strength and security when transporting your bike overseas. Manufactured and engineered in the UK, the Shokbox bike box was designed for cyclists, by cyclists. 

Shokbox is a highly manoeuvrable, easy to pack, lightweight bicycle transport case. Shokbox is packed with features such as integrated Anti-Crush, Recessed handles, TSA-approved locking latches and GPS tracking system (optional) for added security and peace of mind.

£200 off: Shockbox is please to provide a £200 discount on any of their hard cases! For more information on their products and to take advantage of this offer, please visit and use the code SHUTT200 at checkout.





James Roberts Coaching (JRC)

James Roberts Coaching (JRC) was founded in 2016 by James Roberts and Claire Whitworth, both keen cyclists having enjoyed a cumulative total of over 40 years of club riding, training and racing at National and International level. Having a passion for cycling was the main reason for developing JRC as a way of sharing their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for the sport with others.

Having both competed at Regional, National and International level, on road and track, James and Claire recently competed at National and World Masters Level on the track, and fully understand the demands and pressures of training to achieve personal goals whilst fitting training and racing into a hectic work / life / family balance.

10% off: JRC will offer 10% off any of their online "distance coaching" plans. Plans are written, delivered and monitored via TrainingPeaks. Plans start at £80 per month (before discount). Details here:

To take advantage of this offer, please email James Roberts at and quote the code SHUTT10 to get your discount.



Kinetic Coaching

Head Coach Scott Maclean brings 25 years of experience which include semi pro competitor to Commonwealth Games Coach. As a sports scientist and BCF coach his knowledge and passion is something that after 5 mins in his presence will blow you away. Kinetic was his vision and it continues to cut through the global approaches often found with training plans and focuses on you! With Watt Bike testing platforms, University lab testing facilities, wind tunnel access, strength and conditioning studio, nutritional support and off course a coach who is both friendly and incredibly driven to see you succeed you are joining an incredibly successful network where everything works towards your goals.

10% off: Kinetic will offer 10% off the following services: Personalised Training and Coaching Plans, Bike Fits and 3D pedal Scans and DNA tests and accompanying nutrition plans.

To take advantage of this offer, please email Scott Maclean at and quote the code SHUTT10 to get your discount.






Target Composites

With more than 10 years experience in the composites industry – specialising in extreme sports equipment – Target Composites was launched in 2015 in Cheshire, and is committed to providing the very highest standard of carbon fibre bicycle repair.

Based in Antrobus, Northwich, we use tried and tested methods alongside innovative new techniques and materials, to repair even the most damaged of frames to a high standard. We know that you love your bike, and we do too. For more information about Target's services, please visit their website at

20% off Ultrasound Scan and 10% off carbon repairs: Target will give you 20% off any Ultrasound scan (prices start at £80) and/or 10% off any carbon repair work.

To take advantage of this offer, please email Shutt at to request your personalised discount code. Please use the email subject "TARGET AFFINITY OFFER".